how to feed neon tetras

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To feed your neon tetra, provide a variety offresh and frozen foods. Offer small chunks or pellets made from high-quality fish food. Live foods include brine shrimp, daphnia, fungus, and worm food. Frozen foods include bloodworms, flake food, tubifex worms, and whitebait.

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  • Can you feed neon tetras frozen food?

  • You can feed your Neon Tetras frozen food if you find that live food is too expensive or if you can鈥檛 find any. Frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms are a great choice to feed your Neon Tetras. Bloodworms provide an excellent source of protein for Neon Tetras. Brine shrimp does not have to be live. You can feed your fish frozen brine shrimp as well.

  • How can I prevent my neon tetra from spreading diseases?

  • This will prevent contagious diseases like Neon Tetra Disease and Ich. Feed your fish a varied diet 2-3 times daily. Neon tetras are omnivorous fish that live primarily on insects in the wild. Feed them wingless fruit flies and live or freeze-dried bloodworms.

  • What do tetra fish eat?

  • Fish food pellets are the most common types of fish feed. But you can also try feeding your tetra fresh fruit or vegetables like cucumbers, zucchini squash, green beans, spinach leaves, or even peas! Just make sure to leave out any foods that could cause an allergic reaction in humans because these will bother them too.

  • Do neon tetras need to be in groups?

  • Neon tetras need to be in groups of six or more. Otherwise they’ll get stressed and become ill. Avoid adding larger carnivorous fish whose diets might include tetras. Some acceptable tankmates include other tetras, algae-eating fish like otos and cories, and African dwarf frogs.

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