how to feed torrent elden ring

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If Torrent needs healing in Elden Ring,players will need to be riding it.Bound a Rowa Raisinto one of the item armament slots. Select it from the slot and use it to feed Torrent and heal its HP.

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  • How to get torrent in Elden Ring?

  • Torrent is a horse in Elden Ring and the player’s mount. One can acquire Torrent after finding 3 Sites of Grace. After the third, Melina will give the Spectral Steed Whistle which can then be used to summon Torrent. Besides allowing a player to get around relatively quickly, Torrent also doesn’t appear to take fall damage from certain heights.

  • What is an Elden Ring Mount?

  • The Elden Ring mount is one of the new Soulsborne elements that you’ll encounter in the Lands Between. Your trusty spectral steed, Torrent, isn’t just useful for hoofing it between Sites of Grace-he can help you traverse obstacles with his double jump, and even lend you a hand with fighting.

  • What is the name of the horse in Elden Ring?

  • The horse, named Torrent, is an important aspect of Elden Ring, but the requirements to unlock Torrent aren鈥檛 immediately clear. Here is how to get Torrent the horse in Elden Ring.

  • What is a spirit Steed used for in Elden Ring?

  • Torrent, the Spirit Steed is a mount in Elden Ring. The Spirit Steed is used as a form of travel where players ride a creature or animal to reach their destination. It is also speculated that the Spirit Steed may be used as a method of storing items as well as a combat mechanic where players can attack enemies while riding the creature.

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