how to keep ants out of your hummingbird feeder

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Ant moat

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  • Do ants get attracted to hummingbird feeders?

  • Ants have a hard time gripping a thin and slippery fishing line and will be hindered in reaching the hummingbird feeder. Most fishing lines tend to be very slippery in texture. Hanging the hummingbird feeder from a fishing line will make it harder for ants to get access to the nectar.

  • How do you keep ants out of your bird feeders?

  • Incredibly, both of these plants serve as minor insect repellants! To stop ants using mint, you can either rub the leaves on the pole that hangs your feeders, spread crushed up dried leaves around the base of the pole, or can hang some above your feeders. Just make sure that wherever you place the mint, ants will have to pass!

  • What is an ant moat for a hummingbird feeder?

  • Ant moats serve as a barrier for ants, taking their attention away from the nectar inside the feeder. While you could make your own ant moat, you ultimately have two solid options; buy ant moat or buy a feeder with ant moat installed.

  • Does permethrin kill hummingbird feeders?

  • Lastly, the Permethrin doesn鈥檛 kill the ants that try to get to your hummingbird feeders but discourages them from crossing. Tip #3: Hang feeders from a fishing line. A super simple way to stop ants is to hang your hummingbird feeders from a fishing line.

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