how to publish rss feed

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To publish your RSS feed,click on Publish next to the desired feed title in your FeedManager Home. This will take you to the publishing resources page where you can find different buttons and code for that particular feed that you can use to publish it.

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  • How do I upload my RSS feed to RSS builder?

  • For RSS Builder, you can enter in your website鈥檚 FTP information to have your feed automatically updated whenever you edit it. To do this, click the FTP button in the top toolbar, click the New Site button, and enter in your FTP information. When you鈥檙e ready to update the XML file on the website, click the Publish Feed button.

  • How do I view the RSS feed in SharePoint 2007?

  • For SharePoint 2007, click View RSS Feed. Note: If the RSS Feed button is disabled, RSS may be disabled for either this site or for the entire site collection. See your site administrator. On the RSS feed page that appears in a browser window, follow the instructions for how to subscribe to the feed.

  • Can the RSS viewer web part consume RSS feeds from another site?

  • Important: The RSS Viewer Web Part cannot consume RSS feeds from another SharePoint site without some additional configuration by a server admin, including enabling Kerberos authentication on the SharePoint farm where your site is hosted. It cannot consume any RSS feeds from SharePoint Online sites.

  • What are the benefits of RSS feeds?

  • Readers who subscribe to your RSS feed get updates from your site automatically, instead of always needing to visit your pages to check if anything is new or has changed. Additionally, search engines will see your RSS feed when it’s linked in the HTML of your site.

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