how to raise worms for chicken feed

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  • Can I raise mealworms for chickens?

  • Raising mealworms is an affordable way to have protein packed treats for your backyard chickens. Learn how to breed mealworms for chicken food with this inexpensive DIY project. When we decided to get chickens, I knew I wanted to make it as easy and affordable as possible.

  • How do you raise mealworms in your garden?

  • Frass (or mealworm waste) is a great fertilizer for your garden so be sure to save it for that purpose. You鈥檒l need to be sure to keep rotating your drawers every 2-3 weeks to keep up an optimum laying schedule. That is all there is to raising and maintaining mealworms.

  • How long before chickens can eat mealworms?

  • Depending on the conditions in which you are raising your mealworms, you should only have to wait a few months before you can begin feeding mealworms to your chickens.

  • Are mealworms good for fowl?

  • They make tasty treats for all feathered fowl that you may be raising on your homestead. Most people raise mealworms for their chickens. I raise ducks and guinea fowl along with chickens, and they all love mealworms plus it is an excellent source of protein.

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