how to turn off feed windows 10

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  • How do I Turn Off Microsoft News Feed in Windows 10?

  • How do I turn off Microsoft News Feed in taskbar? right click on the task bar navigate to news and interests then press turn off let me know the results 52 people found this reply helpful

  • How to turn off news and interest widget in Windows 10?

  • Go to the Weather icon and right-click. From the options, click News and interests and Turn off. How To Show The MSN News And Interest Widget In Windows Taskbar?

  • How to get rid of the new taskbar feed in Windows 10?

  • How to get rid off the new taskbar feed in Windows 10? After the latest Win10 update there is kind of a newsfeed on the right side of the taskbar. There are no buttons to close it or remove it.

  • How do I Turn Off news and interests on Facebook?

  • And if news and interests doesn鈥檛 appeal to you, you can easily turn it off by right-clicking on the taskbar. To personalize your feed, click Manage Interests. From the Discover Interests window, you can select what you want to see in the feed. There are wide range of topics per category.

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