is it bad to feed crows

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Not bad

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  • Is it safe to eat crow?

  • Your health depends very much on what you eat, so if you eat a crow that feeds on garbage, you are practically eating garbage. Some people also say that crow meat is toxic. Thus, it should not be eaten.

  • Do Crows eat peanuts?

  • Crows can eat both shelled and unshelled peanuts. Unshelled peanuts are easier for them to eat. If they get unshelled peanuts, they use their sharp beaks to break open the peanut shells and then eat the nuts inside. Sometimes crows carry away the peanuts to enjoy them later. In this case, the peanut shells are quite easy for them to carry.

  • Do Crows eat dog pellets?

  • There are a variety of foods that crows enjoy- dog pellets is one of them. Small dog pellets, cat food, unsalted peanuts, eggs, and various nuts and seeds. Crows are also known to enjoy a buffet of vegetables and fruits. But, they are also known to enjoy chicken.

  • Why do Crows eat dead animals?

  • Even in the drought, crows could be seen eating dead animals or other corpses. People started hunting them down, sometimes due to their rage of dealing damaged fields of crops or sometimes just to eat the flesh. However, if you talk about the present day, crow hunting is allowed in the US for 124 specified days of the year.

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