is it ok to feed dog once a day

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  • How many times a day should I Feed my Dog?

  • Yes, you can feed your dog 3 times a day and for puppies, seniors, and dogs with some health conditions it鈥檚 actually the most recommended feeding schedule. Even if you have a healthy adult dog, you can still opt for feeding three times a day if your doggo thrives on that.

  • Is it normal for a dog to vomit once a day?

  • If your dog is vomiting continuously while being fed once a day, that鈥檚 a clear sign this feeding schedule isn鈥檛 made for your specific pooch. My Rottweiler was vomiting very rarely when the time between feedings was too long (then again, she always did love her food and rarely left a crump in her bowl).

  • Does intermittent fasting work for dogs?

  • Fasting doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean your dog needs fewer calories but even if the weekly nutritional supply is the same, intermittent fasting can have positive effects. It鈥檚 working for many humans who are trying to lose weight and can be a great tool for overweight dogs too.

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