should i feed my pregnant dog puppy food

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  • What do you feed a pregnant dog with 6 puppies?

  • To help her keep her puppies fed and avoid these tummy troubles, you can provide a more energy dense food. For a litter of 6 puppies or more, look for a dry puppy food or active dog food that鈥檚 at least 30% protein and 20% fat, or a wet food that鈥檚 at least 7% protein and 5% fat.

  • Why is it important for pregnant dogs to eat healthy food?

  • Food for pregnant or nursing dogs must include sufficient calories to meet increased energy needs for milk production and the growth of puppies. Increased fat helps satisfy the higher demand for calories. High digestibility is important to help maximize calorie intake from smaller amounts of food.

  • When can I start feeding my pregnant dog?

  • Puppies should be ready for actual food at about 4 weeks of age. During weaning, you can gradually decrease the amount of food given to your dog over a two-week time frame. We hope we have answered your questions about feeding your pregnant and lactating dog.

  • Is it normal for a pregnant dog to not eat?

  • It鈥檚 best to feed your pregnant bitch little and often, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, as a tummy full of puppies will mean she won鈥檛 have much room for food. Many dogs will not eat when it comes to being 12-24 hours before whelping. This is normal, and you shouldn鈥檛 try to force her to eat.

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