should i feed puppy at night

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3-4 hours before bedtime

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  • What time of Day should I start feeding my puppy?

  • First meal/breakfast: 7:00 a.m. PetMD recommends you stick to a feeding schedule like this until the puppy reaches 14-18 weeks of age. At about four months of age, dog owners can transition to feeding their puppy two meals a day.

  • How do I get my puppy to eat at night?

  • Feeding Puppy. Puppies do best with small meals three to four times per day, served on a set schedule. Make the last meal of the day a late one — such as 9 p.m. for the 10:30 bedtime — then give your pup a bathroom break at least one hour after the meal so he can eliminate. By pushing back his evening mealtime and giving him a bathroom break,…

  • Should I Feed my Dog late at night?

  • (Eating Before Bed!) Many people feed their dogs late at night. It can be for a number of reasons; forgetfulness, work commitments, or simply that you have a dog who isn鈥檛 hungry before bedtime. But I don鈥檛 think you should be letting your dog eat late at night, and let me explain why鈥?/div>Is it Bad to Feed a Dog Late at Night? (Eating Before Bed

  • Should I give my Dog Water at night?

  • A trained and housebroken older puppy or adult dog ideally should have water available at all times, even during the night. Just like humans, dogs sometimes become thirsty and have the basic need for a small or large drink. Once housebroken, she is able to hold her bladder until morning unless there is an emergency.

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