should you feed a newborn after they vomit

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In some cases, it鈥檚 betternot to feed a baby right after vomiting. If your baby is throwing up because of an earache or fever, they may benefit from medication first. Most pediatricians recommend pain medications like infant Tylenol for babies in their first year. Ask your doctor about the best medication and dosage for your baby.

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  • Is it normal for my Baby to vomit after every feed?

  • If your baby’s just dribbling a bit of milk after each feed, it’s probably nothing to worry about . But if he’s vomiting more forcefully after feeds, it could be a sign of something other than reflux

  • What to give a baby after vomiting?

  • In case of babies that are six months plus, apart from medicines there are specific items and foods that your doctor may prescribe that you give your baby after vomiting episodes such as fluids, bananas and yogurt. Baby vomiting also takes place in case of colic when your newborn cries till she vomits out all the milk she has taken in.

  • When to feed a dog after vomiting?

  • When to Feed a Dog After Vomiting 1 The cause of your dog鈥檚 vomiting. There are countless potential causes of your dog’s vomiting. … 2 Vomiting before or after eating. You may find that your dog often vomits before or after eating. … 3 Feeding after a stomach upset. … 4 When to get vet help. …

  • What causes vomiting in newborns?

  • Another condition that causes vomiting is pyloric stenosis wherein the lower part of the baby’s stomach is too narrow to allow normal emptying of the stomach. Pyloric stenosis can cause projectile vomiting after feedings as food builds up in the stomach.

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