what can i feed wax worms

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Beekeepers consider them pests because the wax moths will feed on the wax used by the honeybees to make the comb of the hive. When kept in captivity,waxworms can live a long time without food,especially in cool temperatures. When held in captivity,waxworms can be fedgrains,bran and honey.

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  • What do wax worms eat?

  • What do Wax Worms Eat? Waxworms in the wild favour a diet of grains, like bran, wheatgerm and oatmeal, but they particularly like honey. The link to the honey is actually where they get their name from.

  • What do you feed a wild worm?

  • Worms thrive on a balanced diet and prefer to eat their food as it begins to decompose. Keep a balance of green and brown foods. Feed your worms fresh fruit and vegetable scraps. Limit foods high in acidity.

  • How do you keep wax worms from getting loose?

  • This will ensure that your worms cannot get loose. (This step is optional.) Place your worm farm in a warm, dark place. Wax worms are a good choice for home breeding because they are not terribly particular about temperature. They will survive in any temperature comfortable to you in your home.

  • How to grow a wax worm farm?

  • Article SummaryX. To grow a wax worm farm, start by getting a 5-gallon container and lining the bottom of it with worm food and crumpled-up wax paper. Then, place some wax worms in the container, and cover it with a mesh screen lid.

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