what can you feed ducks besides bread

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  • What can I Feed my Ducks?

  • According to the Canal and River Trust, the best food items to feed ducks are: Sweetcorn 鈥?tinned, frozen or fresh is fine, just make sure you defrost frozen corn. Lettuce 鈥?all types of salad leaves are fine, as long as it hasn鈥檛 gone slimy. Peas 鈥?no need to cook them, but allow frozen peas to defrost before feeding them to ducks.

  • Can ducks eat oats?

  • Oats 鈥?rolled oats and even instant porridge oats are fine to feed ducks. You could even feed them small pieces of flapjack, as long as there isn鈥檛 too much added sugar. Seeds 鈥?bird seed or supermarket-bought seeds for human consumption are fine. Seeds are very nutritious and will be snapped up. Rice 鈥?both cooked and uncooked rice is fine.

  • Can ducks eat bread?

  • However, in recent years, it鈥檚 become apparent that bread isn鈥檛 good for ducks. This is because bread isn鈥檛 particularly nutritious. While the bread itself isn鈥檛 dangerous to ducks, it fills them up and means the ducks are less likely to eat natural sources of nutritious food, which keeps them healthy.

  • Can ducks eat corn and peas?

  • Like corn, ducks can eat both fresh and frozen defrosted peas. Can Ducks Eat Millet? Millet is a cereal crop similar to barley, rice, and wheat. This starchy grain is grown for human food as well as animal feed.

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