what can you feed wild fish

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In the wild, carnivorous fish such as salmon eat other fish. Therefore, feeds for farmed carnivorous fish (as well as many herbivorous fish) includefish oils and proteins as well as plant proteins, minerals, and vitaminsthat achieve the nutrition requirements of the fish and offer health benefits to humans.

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  • What can I Feed my fish besides fish food?

  • Peas: Boiled peas are another excellent substitute for fish food. Remove the outer skins and break them up into smaller pieces before feeding them to your aquatic pets. What Can Fish Eat Besides Fish Food? Give your fish an occasional break from packaged food and feed your aquarium fish treats like flies and worms.

  • What can I Feed my Goldfish If I run out of food?

  • If you run out of fish food, you can feed them boiled vegetables, peas or small pieces of seafood like white fish or shrimp. It鈥檚 better to opt for freeze-dried food rather than live food to avoid the chance of transferring infections to your goldfish.

  • What do tropical fish eat when you run out of food?

  • What Can You Feed Your Tropical Fish if You Run Out of Food? Soft veggies are a safe bet for most types of tropical fish. Many fish keepers feed their pets peas since these are nutritious and easy to digest. Larger fish can swallow them whole, but you will need to break them into tiny pieces for the smaller ones.

  • What do goldfish eat in the wild&as pets?

  • Typically, the diet of a goldfish in the wild includes insects, crustaceans, smaller fish and plants. These fish are omnivores, and the food you feed them must be as close to their natural diet as possible.

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