what do you feed a baby bearded dragon

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What Fruit to Feed a Baby Bearded Dragon?StrawberriesPlumsFigsApplesCherriesBlackberriesCranberriesRaisons

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  • How do you feed a bearded dragon?

  • Feeding a bearded dragon is a pretty simple process, but you鈥檒l have to keep lots of insects, fruits, and vegetables on hand. Remember that the ratio of plants to insects your dragon needs will change throughout their life, even though the actual foods they eat remain the same. Baby dragons need more protein, adults need more plant matter.

  • How many crickets to feed a baby bearded dragon?

  • How Many Crickets to Feed a Baby Bearded Dragon a Day. Now, if you aren鈥檛 able to get Dubia roaches for your baby dragon, your next best bet is going to be crickets. A baby 4 months and under should eat between 30 and 60 crickets a day over the course of 3 10 minute feedings.

  • How much should I Feed my Baby Dragon?

  • Juvenile dragons need a diet that鈥檚 about 50/50 plants and live insects. Young juveniles will eat four times daily, but this number decreases to twice daily feedings as the dragon approaches adulthood. You can tell a lot about your dragon鈥檚 needs by monitoring their feedings. Some dragons can be very picky eaters.

  • How many dubia roaches to feed a bearded dragon?

  • How Many Dubia Roaches to Feed a Bearded Dragon. For a baby bearded dragon, you can give them 10-20 Dubias three times a day until they鈥檙e 4 months old, then you can go down to feedings twice a day. Once your baby reaches a year, try to transition them down to a feeding just once a day.

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