what do you feed a baby bearded dragon

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What Fruit to Feed a Baby Bearded Dragon?StrawberriesPlumsFigsApplesCherriesBlackberriesCranberriesRaisons

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  • How much to feed a baby bearded dragon?

  • You should feed them as much live prey as they can eat in this time and you may see them eating somewhere in the region of 20-60 insects per day. This will obviously depend on the age of your baby Bearded Dragon and the insects you are feeding them.

  • What can鈥檛 bearded dragons eat?

  • Luckily, what bearded dragons CAN鈥橳 eat, is a rather long an extensive list compared to that of what they can eat. Basically, any food that isn鈥檛 an approved feeder (crickets, Dubia Roaches, Mealworms, super worms) or an approved vegetable or fruit is not going to work. Dairy products (cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, etc.)

  • How often do bearded dragons eat super worms?

  • As such, you should aim to be feeding your a dult bearded dragon around 7 to 10 super worms on an every other day basis. How Often Do Baby Bearded Dragons Need to Eat?

  • How many dubia roaches to feed a bearded dragon?

  • How Many Dubia Roaches to Feed a Bearded Dragon. For a baby bearded dragon, you can give them 10-20 Dubias three times a day until they鈥檙e 4 months old, then you can go down to feedings twice a day. Once your baby reaches a year, try to transition them down to a feeding just once a day.

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