what do you feed a baby bearded dragon

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What Fruit to Feed a Baby Bearded Dragon?StrawberriesPlumsFigsApplesCherriesBlackberriesCranberriesRaisons

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  • How much to feed a baby bearded dragon?

  • You should feed them as much live prey as they can eat in this time and you may see them eating somewhere in the region of 20-60 insects per day. This will obviously depend on the age of your baby Bearded Dragon and the insects you are feeding them.

  • What do bearded dragons eat?

  • Bearded dragons should live on a diet that鈥檚 a mix of live protein sources, greens, and an occasional fruit treat. The exact mix of those things will change as the bearded dragon ages. Within those 3 categories, there are a variety of options as to what they should eat.

  • How many dubia roaches to feed a bearded dragon?

  • How Many Dubia Roaches to Feed a Bearded Dragon. For a baby bearded dragon, you can give them 10-20 Dubias three times a day until they鈥檙e 4 months old, then you can go down to feedings twice a day. Once your baby reaches a year, try to transition them down to a feeding just once a day.

  • Can baby bearded dragons eat watermelon?

  • Baby Bearded Dragons can only eat watermelon as a rare treat and only a little bit at a time. This is because watermelon doesn鈥檛 have any nutritional value for Beardies and is mainly made up of water, which can cause overhydration and dehydration.

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