what food should i feed my chihuahua

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At the very least, your Chihuahua鈥檚 diet should consist of 40% protein. This includes whole meat sources likechicken, lamb, beef, or fish. With commercial kibble, a meat source should be the first thing listed on the ingredients list.

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  • What is the best dog food for a small Chihuahua?

  • Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas. 1 Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Adult. Rating: 2 Instinct Raw Boost Toy Breed with Real Chicken. 3 Canidae Pure Small Breed Recipe. 4 Royal Canin Adult Chihuahua Wet Dog Food. 5 Merrick Lil鈥?Plates Small Breed Wet. More items

  • How much dog food should a Chihuahua eat a day?

  • The recommended serving size is 1/4 cup for every 10 pounds of body weight, at 2 servings per day. This homemade dog food for Chihuahua can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, or you can freeze it for up to 3 months.

  • How do I know what to feed my Chihuahua?

  • Feeding charts on your dog鈥檚 package are another helpful guide. However, they鈥檙e not the whole guide! Remember, those recommendations do not generally take into account your Chihuahua鈥檚 current weight (do they need to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight), their age, their activity level, or other 鈥渟nacks鈥?you might give them each day.

  • Can I give my Chihuahua table food?

  • This will suppress your Chihuahua`s appetite and thereby make your Chihuahua unable to eat its normal dog food that contains the essential nutrients for your Chihuahua`s growth. We do not recommend giving your Chihuahua table food. Most commercial dog food labels contain recommendations on how much of the food to feed a dog.

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