what is compound feed sewing machine

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Often called a compound feed, needle feed or triple feed, this is atwo-part system where the needle moves in tandem with the inner presser foot to pull the fabric through the machine. With a compound walking foot, the inner presser foot and needle walk by moving up, forward, down and back to feed and stitch the assembly consistently.

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  • What is feed system of sewing machine?

  • The simplest feed system of sewing of sewing machine still commonest. Also known as regular feed. When two plies fabrics are sewn- lower ply moves forward by the help of feed dog but foot. So, two plies of fabric cannot move forward at the same speed.

  • What is a compound feed in a needle?

  • In order to avoid this problem, the needle feed mechanism is adjustable with the drop feed mechanism which is called the compound feed.

  • What is alternating compound feed?

  • Alternating Compound Feed 鈥?This system involves a combination of three types of feeding; feed dog, needle feed, and feeding foot. In this process, the fabric cannot be gathered. This application is used when sewing multiple plies and sewing bulky seams in heavy fabrics.

  • What is clamp feed for sewing machine?

  • Special feeding devices 鈥?like Clamp Feed are used for automatic sewing machines like button hole, bar tack and small parts making machine using Jig. The jig is driven automatically and guides the material under the needle according to the required pattern.

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