what is free feeding

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Free feeding is amethod in which you leave a bowl of food out for your cat or dog at all times. When it gets low, you refill it. Your pet has constant access to this food bowl and can graze and eat as often and as much as his little heart desires.

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  • Is free free feeding cats a good idea?

  • Free feeding cats, which is defined as filling your cat鈥檚 bowl with dry food and leaving it out for your cat at all times, is a common practice among many cat parents. Your cat never has to worry about being hungry because there is always food in the bowl.

  • What is the difference between scheduled and free feeding?

  • For Scheduled meal times, the owner provides food at regularly scheduled times depending on the age of the puppy or adult dog. Free Feeding is the method of leaving out the dog food all day long and allowing the dog to eat whenever they wish.

  • Is free feeding your dog really a big deal?

  • It never really seemed like a big deal to me, frankly. My childhood dog, Sophie (a unique-looking Doberman-Airedale mix), had full, constant access to her giant bowl of food with no issues. This method of feeding is known as free feeding.

  • How do I move from free feeding to scheduled feeding?

  • If you want to move from free feeding to scheduled feeding: Look up the appropriate daily amount to feed your pet (either on the packaging or on the company鈥檚 website) Divide this amount by two. Offer one portion in the morning and one in the evening.

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