what is my podcast rss feed

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A podcast RSS feed is alink you can use to point to your podcast鈥檚 podcast episodes on your website or social media. That information is automatically added to the RSS feed when you publish a podcast episode, and the RSS feed is responsible for sharing that content to specific platforms.

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  • How do I create a podcast-only RSS feed?

  • The good news is that creating your podcast-only RSS feed is easy and only takes a few minutes. Step 1. Create a free RSS Podcasting account Step 2. Confirm your email address and select the 鈥淣ew podcast鈥?button Step 3. Next, add your new podcast鈥檚 details including title, description, and your RSS address feed and select 鈥淣ext.鈥?/div>How To Create A Podcast RSS Feed – RSS.com Podcasting

  • What’s an RSS feed?

  • RSS is a web feed that transfers content from the media host (where the file is stored) to an app or a directory where people can consume it. For example, digital editions of newspapers and magazines send new articles to newsreader apps, where people can read or listen to them. What’s an RSS Feed For Podcasts?

  • What is a podcast and how does it work?

  • A podcast is an audio (and sometimes video) show that鈥檚 published online and distributed via RSS feed to subscribers. The RSS feed is the link between the podcast audio/video files and the audience; it lets subscribers stay up-to-date with new podcast episodes.

  • What happens when your fans subscribe to your podcast RSS feed?

  • When your fans subscribe to your podcast RSS feed they鈥檒l see updates in real time in their summary display. They鈥檒l visit their feed, see what鈥檚 new, and click on your latest episode. It鈥檚 your job as a content producer who wants followers to make yourself easy to find.

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