what should i feed laying hens

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Chickens love to feed on greens, such as weeds, leaves, grasses, and plants. For layinghens, you can feedthem with tender grass clippings, fresh greens, vegetables, and table scraps. When feedingtable scraps, make sure you don鈥檛 include onions or garlic because the strong flavor could affect their eggs.

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  • What should I Feed my chickens when they start laying?

  • Chicken Feed. Ensure availability of this amount of protein in your hen鈥檚 diet when they start laying or for beginning 20 weeks. As this types of formulated feeds fulfill all your laying hen鈥檚 nutritional demands, they will also enjoy other foods as treats. Always provide them fresh formulated chicken feed.

  • How much should I Feed my laying hens?

  • 1 Typical laying hens will consume a quarter of a pound (0.11 kg) of feed a day. 2 Provide your hens with all of their food at one time, preferably in the morning. 3 Always check feed levels to make sure your chickens have enough feed. More …

  • What do laying hens need to lay eggs?

  • They are loaded with proteins, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates that are suitable for laying hens. It鈥檚 recommended to feed laying hens with 15 鈥?18% of protein. Make sure that you include this much protein in your hen鈥檚 diet as they start to lay eggs or at the start of the 20 weeks.

  • What do laying hens need to look and feel healthy?

  • The proper diet will also ensure that your hens look and feel healthy. Add calcium to the hens鈥?diet, at the right time. After about 20 weeks, you need to up the amount of calcium your laying hens consume. Laying hens need 2.5% to 3.5% calcium in their feed, which is higher than other chickens.

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