what should you feed your dog when they have diarrhea

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Canned pumpkin

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  • What can I give my Dog for diarrhea and vomiting?

  • Make a homemade remedy for dog diarrhea: 鈥?One part broiled lean hamburger to two parts cooked rice. 鈥?Broiled chicken and rice are also an alternative. 鈥?One-part cottage cheese or boiled egg mixed with two parts rice or cooked macaroni.

  • How much should I Feed my Dog after diarrhea?

  • When you start feeding your dog after a bout of diarrhea, it鈥檚 essential to limit the food intake to prevent another digestive upset. You should begin by providing your dog one to two tablespoons of food from a bland recipe about every two hours.

  • Can I give my Dog boiled rice for diarrhea?

  • Rice has two advantages for dogs with diarrhea. Plain, boiled white rice is a bland food that can soothe a dog鈥檚 digestive system. Rice water, the water used to cook rice, can be saved and given to the dog to aid in rehydration.

  • What should I do if my dog has diarrhea at night?

  • If your dog has diarrhea in the evening, withhold food for the rest of the evening and offer a small, bland meal in the morning. It is OK to offer water as long as your dog can hold it down and it doesn鈥檛 trigger more bouts of diarrhea.

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