what to feed a hedgehog

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Here is a complete list of natural foods you can feed your hedgehog:Insects: mealworms,grasshoppers,etc.Cooked meats: chicken,turkey or pork.Cooked fish: salmon or tuna,with no bones.Fruits: watermelons,papaya,pears,cantaloupe,peaches,plums,squash pumpkin,mangos,apples,bananas,cherries,honeydew,strawberries,cranberries,raspberries,blackberries,blueberries.Vegetables: arugula,spinach,dandelion greens,asparagus,carrots,broccoli,sweet potatoes,radish,romaine lettuce,turnips,green peppers,collard greens.

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  • What do hedgehogs eat in the wild?

  • Feeding – The British Hedgehog Preservation Society. To supplement their diet in the wild, please offer hedgehogs either a good quality meaty hedgehog food, meaty cat or dog food or dry biscuits for cats. Only ever offer water to drink.

  • How do I stop hedgehogs eating my food?

  • Be aware that putting any food out will attract all sorts of wildlife and not just hedgehogs, this includes predators. To avoid the food you put out being eaten by pets or foxes you could make a feeding station that is difficult for anything larger than a hedgehog to access.

  • When to feed hedgehogs in the winter?

  • When to feed hedgehogs. You can start feeding hedgehogs as soon as they emerge from hibernation in spring. The food will be most beneficial in late summer and autumn when they are building up the fat reserves needed to survive the winter. It鈥檚 also worth providing food and water during periods of dry, hot weather,…

  • How do you take care of a hedgehog?

  • Place in a shallow dish and put in a sheltered area of your garden around sunset. Specially made hedgehog foods both in dry and moist kibble varieties now exist and can be bought from most local pet and garden stores.

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