what to feed a nursing dog

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A few things to keep in mind while feeding a nursing dog:Food should be high in calorie …It should have nutrients that …The digestibility should be hi …It should be high on vitamins,…It can be fortified with vet-a …Add fish oils to keep her fatt …She should be supplied with en …Check with your vet before giv …

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  • What kind of dog food should I Feed my nursing dog?

  • The ASPCA says nursing dog moms will need extra nutrients to properly care for the litter. The organization recommends a high-quality commercial dog food, either wet or dry, specifically formulated for dogs with high-energy needs. A puppy food fine, as do some adult foods marketed for active dogs.

  • What should I Feed my Dog when she is pregnant?

  • Giant breeds may need higher energy foods throughout pregnancy and not just the last weeks. Many bitches stop eating food just before whelping. Some even become anorexic. Talk to your vet and discuss what to feed a nursing dog to gain weight. Most vets recommend puppy food as it is high energy and nutrient dense as well.

  • How often should I Feed my nursing dog wet puppy food?

  • I recommend treating wet puppy food like you would normally treat her meals. Give her wet puppy food three times a day. This will ensure she is getting a high enough calorie diet and able to provide the calories her puppies need to grow. Wet food, in general, tends to have more calories, so this is especially important for smaller nursing dogs.

  • What do you feed a nursing dog with diarrhea?

  • Healthy meats of cows, pork and game birds are also recommended, but in lesser quantity. Lastly, feed small amounts of organ meats, leafy vegetables, whole grain, and eggs. A few things to keep in mind while feeding a nursing dog: It should have nutrients that are easily absorbed by the dog鈥檚 digestive system.

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