what to feed abandoned baby birds

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  • What can I Feed my Baby Birds?

  • Acceptable foods for baby birds: Moist dog food Raw liver (no seasoning) Hard-boiled eggs Dog biscuits (moistened) Dog or cat kibble (moistened)

  • What should I Not Feed my Baby Bird?

  • What not to feed baby birds. Water. Bread or bread products. Whole birdseed. Milk. Pet bird food. Worms. Kitchen scraps.

  • What do chicks feed their babies?

  • Chicks normally feed on worms, but insects and bugs may not be accessible all the time for you. However, you can feed the baby birds raw liver, pet food like biscuits and kibbles, hard-cooked eggs, for example. However, feeding must be done with utmost care. 1. New Pet Baby Bird 2. Lost Found Baby Bird

  • How do you take care of a baby bird that has fledged?

  • Both nestlings and fledglings that are not yet feeding themselves will get their water from their diet 鈥?so they鈥檒l need access to moist foods. Fledglings that can feed themselves can be given a shallow dish of water until they recover from their shock and fly away.

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