what to feed alpacas in the winter

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Alfalfa hay

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  • What do alpaca eat?

  • The short answer is that they mostly eat grass and hay, and in comparison to their size, they don鈥檛 eat much of it. The typical alpaca weighs about 125 pounds and eats about three pounds of grass, hay, vegetation and feed daily. In this article, we discuss alpaca feeding and provide sound tips for success.

  • How can I Help my alpacas during the winter?

  • And one of the ways to help your alpacas during the winter is to make sure they get enough food and water so that they have the reserves they need to be happy, healthy, and keep growing more fiber so they stay plenty warm!

  • How much Hay does an alpaca need?

  • Alpacas need to eat between 2-4% of their body weight every day. Give your herd plenty of hay, because they鈥檒l need significantly more than during the other seasons, as they use up extra energy to keep warm. Some alpacas can even eat up to double the amount of food!

  • Do alpacas know when it鈥檚 Cold?

  • In winter, we always have plenty of hay available and when it is cold, our alpacas easily eat twice as much. They seem to know when a change in the weather is coming. Older alpacas and little ones can have trouble staying warm.

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