what to feed baby bunnies

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Alfalfa hay

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  • What do you feed a 4 week old rabbit?

  • By the time they reach 4 weeks, baby rabbits eat pellets and hay. Feed alfalfa hay to a baby rabbit. The protein and calcium found within will help them grow strong muscles and bones. Also mix in some standard hay, though.

  • Can you feed baby bunnies baby milk?

  • No, cow鈥檚 milk isn鈥檛 good for baby rabbits. Baby rabbits may not be able to digest cow鈥檚 milk, and it may not have all the nutrients they need. Instead, feed baby rabbits a Kitten Milk Replacer formula, or goat鈥檚 milk. Can you feed baby bunnies baby formula? Bunnies under 3 weeks of age should be fed milk replacer (see formula below).

  • How long do baby rabbits eat baby food?

  • Your baby rabbits will take their first bites of solid food somewhere between 2 or 3 weeks. It will most likely be hay from their nests. Even though you may notice these furtive bites, you should still continue feeding them their formula or goat milk. A mother rabbit nurses her baby rabbits until 6 to 8 weeks.

  • What do baby rabbits need to survive?

  • Ensuring that your baby rabbit is sufficiently nourished will mean healthy bones and muscle mass into adulthood. Hay and water are essential foods. Baby rabbits need more protein, so give them pellets and alfalfa hay. Your rabbit should be weaned.

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