what to feed baby bunnies

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Alfalfa hay

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  • What to feed baby rabbits 3 weeks?

  • Simply provide regular food carrot, lettuce, cloves, hay, and alfalfa hay. When you are sure that the mother bunny is not interested in feeding the litter, then you will need to take in charge. Many people ask, what to feed baby rabbits 3 weeks old? Well, milk is the best food, I think.

  • What do baby rabbits need to survive?

  • Ensuring that your baby rabbit is sufficiently nourished will mean healthy bones and muscle mass into adulthood. Hay and water are essential foods. Baby rabbits need more protein, so give them pellets and alfalfa hay. Your rabbit should be weaned.

  • Should a rabbit mother feed the baby rabbit?

  • A rabbit mother should feed the baby rabbit for a variety of reasons. Firstly, their mother’s milk naturally has all the nutrients they need to develop at this young age. They also use this time to socialize and the mother takes care of other needs other than just feeding.

  • How to feed baby rabbits formula?

  • At first, you should use a 25 % water and 75% formula ratio and slowly reduce the amount of formula until eventually, the baby rabbits will simply lose interest. Feeding baby rabbits is an important job and literally means the difference between life and death.

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