what to feed baby bunnies

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The babies can eat various foods likefruits,hay,green leafy vegetables,and pellets. When the baby bunnies reach the second month,you can separate them from their mother. You have to remember that if you are feeding small breed rabbits,they may eat only a tiny amount.

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  • How do you feed a baby rabbit?

  • Feeding a baby rabbit is largely similar to nourishing an adult equivalent. Young bunnies eat more, and show more interest in pellets. What鈥檚 most important is that you get your rabbit into good habits surrounding food. Like any animal, a rabbit鈥檚 formative experiences will play a significant role in their adult persona.

  • What can I give my Baby Rabbit for constipation?

  • Baby rabbits need more protein, so give them pellets and alfalfa hay. Your rabbit should be weaned. If not, use kitten or goat milk to imitate their mother鈥檚 milk.

  • What do baby bunnies need to survive?

  • To tell you the truth, baby bunnies depend on their mother鈥檚 milk for the first few weeks. After three weeks, 1/4 cup of alfalfa hay and pellets can be a good supplement. You should provide them with food depending on their breed. When they reach the age of 7 weeks, they can handle unlimited hay and pellets.

  • What is the best hay for baby rabbits?

  • Timothy hay is considered to be more suitable for grown-up rabbits. While alfalfa hay is the better option for young bunnies. 鈥淲hy鈥檚 that?鈥?This is because alfalfa has higher calcium and protein content. Plus, it also aids in good digestion. Does your baby rabbit still ask for milk at age 6 or 8 weeks old?

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