what to feed cows for best meat

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  • What is the best feed for cattle?

  • Legume hay is another nutritious option for cattle, since it鈥檚 high in protein. Forage and pasture can provide cattle with all the nutrients they need (unless the soil is depleted or the season is too early for rich grass growth). Pasture is also the most cost-effective solution for cattle feed.

  • What do cows eat in the winter?

  • Most of a cow鈥檚 life is spent eating grasses and hay. During the spring and summer, when the grass grows plentifully, beef cattle eat more pasture grasses. During the late fall and through the winter cattle are fed hay. In a perfect world, this rotation鈥攇rass in the growing season and hay through the fall and winter鈥攚ould be enough.

  • What kind of hay do you feed cows?

  • Hay 鈥搕he variety of hay you feed your cattle depends on your location. The most common types include Bermuda grass, Timothy grass, and orchard grass. Nutritional and physical factors vary depending on the type of hay you use. A feeder should be used when giving cows hay as feeding them in an open space may result in wastage.

  • What are the best supplements for cattle in the winter?

  • Grain supplements are also a good solution for winters and for cattle that lack access to high-quality hay and grazing pastures. However, it鈥檚 important not to get cattle too reliant on supplements, as this will discourage them from more nutritionally diverse pastures and foraging.

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