what to feed deer in yard

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Corn feeders

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  • What do you feed a deer?

  • You should feed deer things like: oats, specialty ready made deer food mixes, and legumes. These foods are safe for deer to eat and enjoy. You should not however feed deer things like: corn, hay, human food, and meat as their digestive systems may have issues processing and passing the food.

  • Can you feed deer corn in your backyard?

  • For feeding deer in your backyard, avoid natural corn. However, there is an alternative in the way of deer corn. Deer corn is specially formulated with a high carbohydrate and fat content. Here, the deer are given a positive energy boost over long winters.

  • Should you sort out deer food in your yard?

  • Sorting out the deer鈥檚 food in your yard is not that hard of a task to do. If we think ethically about the wild animals who need to be cared for by people like us who are capable of doing so, why shouldn鈥檛 we make an effort to support such a cause. We can invite the deer into our yards by tempting them with the food they need.

  • Where can I buy deer food mix?

  • You can find deer food mix at your local feed store. The bottom line is if you鈥檙e serious about helping your deer visitors stay healthy, do it responsibly. Take special care not to interfere with the deer鈥檚 natural habits. And remember that once you start feeding them, they will depend on you to make it through the winter.

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