what to feed foundered horses

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Grass hay

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  • What is a good feed for a horse with founder?

  • What is a good feed for a horse with founder? Natural foods, such as grass and hay are good. However, you should definitely avoid corn, oats, and other sugars. The diet can be supplemented with oil or rice bran if your horse needs more energy. Thanks! I have a horse with founder. It’s very bad, his coffin bone has dropped through the sole.

  • What do you feed a horse that won’t eat?

  • Feed grass hay, possibly a little alfalfa hay, or rinsed sugar beet, BUT stay away from corn, oats, barley, and especially stay away from sugar as molasses. Feed extra fat in the form of oil or rice bran if you need to get energy into the horse.

  • How to prevent founder in horses hooves?

  • Post founder, feed a feed that will support hoof growth without excess carbohydrates. This means the best possible blend of amino acids and essential fatty acids, with a good supply of digestible minerals and vitamins. Preventing founder is done best by constant vigilance over the quality of the feed, and the body score of the horse.

  • How do you help a horse recover from founder?

  • To help your horse recover from founder, first use medical treatment and then manage the causes. Call the vet and give your horse first aid as soon as you notice founder. Founder can come on suddenly, and is a serious medical condition, so make sure to call the vet and administer first aid to manage your horse’s pain.

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