what to feed foundered horses

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Grass hay

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  • What is a good feed for a horse with founder?

  • What is a good feed for a horse with founder? Natural foods, such as grass and hay are good. However, you should definitely avoid corn, oats, and other sugars. The diet can be supplemented with oil or rice bran if your horse needs more energy. Thanks! I have a horse with founder. It’s very bad, his coffin bone has dropped through the sole.

  • How to treat founder in horses?

  • 7) The horse stands with front legs out in front of their bodies. How to treat Founder? Just like most diseases founder can be treated by medication, therapy or surgery. Medicines prescribed: NSAID (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) will given to the horse suffering from the founder.

  • What do you feed a horse that won’t eat?

  • Feed grass hay, possibly a little alfalfa hay, or rinsed sugar beet, BUT stay away from corn, oats, barley, and especially stay away from sugar as molasses. Feed extra fat in the form of oil or rice bran if you need to get energy into the horse.

  • What should I Feed my horse to boost energy?

  • If you鈥檙e a new horse owner, spend some time reading about equine diets and talk to veterinarians and experienced horsemen. Most should advise you to supplement your horse鈥檚 hay or grass if it requires extra energy.

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