what to feed guinea keets

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Medicated turkey starter

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  • What should I Feed my Baby Guineas?

  • You should give your baby guineas a poultry starter feed that has a very high protein level. Keets need to start with a with a protein percentage ranging from 24 to 26 percent. Turkey starter is an excellent choice. Once the keets reach five weeks old, their feed should change to a poultry or game bird feed with 18 to 20 percent protein.

  • How much to feed a Guinea Keet?

  • 2. Feeding Your Guinea Keets Guinea Fowl Age Protein Requirement Kind of Feed Week 1 to Week 5 24-28% Starter Week 5 to Week 8 18-20% Grower Week 8 and Beyond (Penned) 16-22% Finisher or Layer Week 8 and Beyond (Roaming Free) 16-20% Supplement

  • What do guinea fowls eat?

  • After eight weeks, you can start feeding the keets with a 16 percent protein feed. Mature guinea fowl can eat a typical poultry feed, but you will need to pay extra attention to the type of poultry feed you select.

  • What do you feed a baby Keet?

  • First, you feed turkey starter especially disposal feed for guinea babies. You feed them starter get a feed at the local farm feed store. Do not use any medicated starter feed for keets. Do give warm water to drink keets. Coldwater is not good for young birds. When Baby guinea reaches two months of age reduce the protein level to 17%.

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