what to feed guinea keets

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How to Raise Guinea KeetsGet Their Home Ready. Guinea keets need a clean,enclosed area with solid walls to grow up in. …Get the Right Food. Guinea keets are VERY active birds and they need a high protein diet. …Use the Right Bedding. If you鈥檝e raised baby chicks before,you鈥檙e probably thinking that you can replicate your success with keets.Provide Water Appropriately. Keets are very tiny when they first arrive,so they need slightly different care when it comes to a waterer.Move the Keets to a Pen When They’re Ready. At 6 weeks of age,the keets are now ready to be moved to a pen,especially if it is …

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  • What do you feed a baby Guinea Keet?

  • Get the Right Food Guinea keets are VERY active birds and they need a high protein diet. If you don鈥檛 provide them with the right food, they will grow, but not as fast or as healthy as they could. What type of food do guinea keets need? Keets need turkey starter or wild game bird starter, not chicken starter.

  • What should I Feed my guinea fowl?

  • After eight weeks, you can start feeding the keets with a 16 percent protein feed. Mature guinea fowl can eat a typical poultry feed, but you will need to pay extra attention to the type of poultry feed you select. Guinea fowl require a higher percentage of protein than chickens, so they need a feed that is 16 percent protein.

  • What kind of feed do you feed a Keet?

  • If, however, you cannot find feed made for guinea fowl, you can use feed made for chickens, turkey, or other wild game birds. Note that you should feed young keets with crumbles and not pellets. How do you give water to your keets? Many homesteaders use nippled waterers for their keets.

  • Can guinea fowl keets eat in the garden?

  • They are able to graze in your garden all day, eating entire armies of bugs and insect, whilst scavenging all other kinds of treats and goodies. As most Guinea fowl keets won鈥檛 be safe to graze in the wild it鈥檚 important that you give them plenty of feed while they鈥檙e inside the brooder.

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