what to feed my tortoise

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Feed For tortoise: Tortoises prefer plant products either it is natural or canned ones. Fresh vegetables and fruits make 80% of a healthy diet of the tortoise.Kale, cauliflower, green beans, carrotsare among the top nutritious foods for your tortoise.

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  • What do you feed a tortoise that won’t eat?

  • The best bet would be to feed your tortoise a vegetarian diet of leafy greens and flowers. Feeding them with as many natural foods that originate from their native country.

  • What can I Feed my Komodo tortoise?

  • It is very important to vary your tortoises diet as much as possible with plants, fruit and vegetables and our Komodo complete pellet food. It is essential to add a multi-vitamin and calcium supplement to any fresh foods you give your tortoise.

  • How much should I Feed my African tortoise?

  • A good recommend amount would be 90% grass and flowers, and 10% fruit. You can put a lot of food out for them every day because they have slow metabolisms. Alternatively, you can feed them small portions throughout the day. African tortoises can go for at least one week without consuming water because they can survive in the arid lands of Africa.

  • How to care for an omnivores tortoise?

  • It is a must to supply your omnivores tortoise with fresh clean drinking water every day. An ideal food profile will be made up of 75% vegetation like grasses, weeds, and flowers. 20% should come from fruit and vegetables. With the final 5% from high-protein foods.

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