what to feed ocelot minecraft

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When a trusting ocelot is fedraw cod or raw salmon, it enters love mode. Breeding creates an ocelot kitten that trusts the player.鈥?[ Bedrock Edition only] The adults cannot breed again for 5 minutes once they have completed breeding. The growth of baby ocelots can be accelerated slowly using these raw fish.

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  • What does the ocelot pet eat in Minecraft?

  • Its favorite food is Cooked Fish. It will automatically give the player Raw Fishs if nearby Water. It will also give Night Vision and scare away Creepers. The Ocelot Pet eats twice every Minecraft day.

  • How to tame an ocelot in Minecraft?

  • In the same manner that you would tame a Stray Cat, feed either Raw Salmon or Raw Cod to an Ocelot. You may need to feed them multiple fish, as there is only a 33% chance for a Raw Salmon or Raw Cod to earn an Ocelot鈥檚 trust.

  • What fish to use to tame ocelots?

  • Ocelots and cats can be tamed with any fish, as long as it is raw. Thanks! Go out with cats during the day and at the surface. Use wolves and cats to mine, or at night.

  • Can you feed ocelots fish to turn them into cats?

  • Prior to the 1.14 update, you could feed Ocelots fish to turn them into Cats, which also tames them at the same time. However, Ocelots and Cats are now separated into different mobs, so that mechanic is no longer in the game.

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