what to feed ocelot minecraft

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Raw fish

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  • How to tame an ocelot in Minecraft?

  • Locate an ocelot in a jungle biome or a cat in a village. 4. Carefully approach the ocelot or cat. 5. Wait for the ocelot or cat to approach you. 6. Feed the ocelot or cat until hearts appear above it. If you want to learn more, like how to catch fish needed to tame an ocelot, keep reading the article!

  • Do ocelots eat chicken in Minecraft?

  • Lots of players might assume that chicken will work on ocelots, but chicken has no effect. Although the ocelots will eat it, nothing will happen. Players have to feed ocelots raw cod or raw salmon in order to elicit a response, which at times can happen very quickly, but often takes a very long time.

  • How do you feed an ocelot?

  • Players will need to be holding raw fish toward an ocelot without looking around or moving until the ocelot comes close to a player where it will stop right at a player’s feet. When this happens, a player must feed the ocelot the raw fish by right-clicking on it.

  • Are ocelots rare in Minecraft?

  • Ocelots are rare passive mobs that spawn exclusively amidst the jungle biomes of Minecraft. These mobs have changed tremendously since their addition to Minecraft in 1.2.1. Originally, ocelots were just untamed cats. Once players right-clicked the ocelot with raw fish in hand, the mob would turn into a cat upon being tamed.

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