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  • How to feed pleco fish food?

  • To keep a healthy pleco in your tank, meat should only be given once or twice a week. The same is true with vegetables. To get food for your fish, you can buy it from local markets or online stores. Most people like this method very much, because they can find many healthy and cheap products on the market. We鈥檒l see about this shortly.

  • What do plecostomus eat?

  • Since plecos are omnivores, the discs or rounds you find in shops will usually be blended with vegetables and protein. Drop the wafers or any food source at night, but make sure it鈥檚 near your plecostomus. Keep the lights off and allow them to enjoy.

  • What are Veggie wafers for plecos?

  • Like its name suggests, the Veggie Wafers is a totally vegetarian fish food. It comes in multiple different package sizes, like pound, pound, 2 pounds or others. These wafers last quite a long time in the water without dissolving. It will give your pleco chance to feed for a longer period of time. What is it made of?

  • How often should I Feed my pleco wafers?

  • You can feed your pleco 2 wafers or discs a night. If you see that they have been consumed it and there are no other food sources, you could choose to drop another wafer in the morning. If your pleco ignores it, scoop it back up.

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