what to feed pleco

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  • How do you feed algae to pleco?

  • Feed your pleco algae wafers. To ensure your pleco has enough algae in its diet, you should supplement the algae in the tank with algae wafers. These wafers sink to the bottom of the tank so that your pleco can find them easily.

  • What is the best commercial pleco food?

  • 5 Best Commercial Pleco Food. 1 Veggie Wafers by Aquacarium. Like its name suggests, the Veggie Wafers is a totally vegetarian fish food. It comes in multiple different package … 2 Api Algae Eater Premium. 3 Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers. 4 Tetra PRO Pleco Wafers. 5 Omega One Veggie Rounds.

  • Do plecos need food pellets?

  • It鈥檚 always easy to assume that they鈥檒l grab excess food pellets from other fish, but plecos actually have a few dietary needs. A pleco鈥檚 diet should consist of algae and sinking algae wafers primarily. You can also supplement with blanched vegetables once per week.

  • What is Tetra pro pleco food?

  • The Tetra PRO pleco food is an algae wafer, that comes in a single package size of 5,29 ounces. It contains many wafers that are perfect for feeding even larger pleco fish.

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