what to feed uromastyx

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Fresh salads

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  • What is the best diet for Uromastyx?

  • Captive Uromastyx have done quite well on a completely herbivorous (vegetarian) diet of plant foods. If you choose, you can offer newly acquired Uros some insects to get them to settle in, but this type of food is not necessary.

  • What do Mali Uromastyx eat?

  • Fresh greens and vegetables should be the primary diet of a pet mali uromastyx. Mustard greens, dandelion leaves, romaine lettuce, collard greens, and kale are good greens for your pet that are readily available at grocery stores.

  • How often should I Feed my Uromastyx?

  • This would be based on the fact that your uromastyx eats 5-7 days a week. If your uromastyx eats less (adults can eat every other or every other two days), then reduce the frequency of mentioned foods. A good rule is to always offer 1-3 types of staples, with a little bit of occasional food.

  • Can Uromastyx eat pumpkin?

  • Yes, uromastyx can eat pumpkin, but only few times a week (Ca:P ratio of 1:2), as high amounts can cause diarrhea. Squash is a much better option 鈥?butternut and spaghetti squash are close to staple foods. Can uromastyx eat parsley?

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