what vegetables can i feed my chickens

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Summer VegetablesBeans – Best if feeding only as a kitchen scrap after being thoroughly cooked and a good source of protein for eggs and healthy feathering.Tomatoes – With so many varieties available,it is safe to feed chickens the fruit of a tomato plant. …Bell Peppers – Peppers contain a high amount of Vitamin C and some Vitamin B that is great for chicken skin and system functions. …Strawberries – It may be hard to share these with your girls,but they are a good source of Vitamin C and sugar,boosting energy and happiness!Melons – High in antioxidants and great for a hot summer treat during the long days in the sun,melons are a treat and also a great source of sugars …

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  • What vegetables can chickens eat in the garden?

  • Vegetables. A partial list includes bok choy, spinach, endive, beet greens, cabbage, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, Swiss chard, corn on the cob and cooked potatoes. To provide a little excitement for cooped-up chickens, hang a fresh cabbage in a mesh bag; they will eat it up.

  • Can chickens eat green tomatoes?

  • While the ripe tomato fruit is safe for chickens, green tomatoes, leaves and plant stems are toxic to chickens. No, chickens should not eat bad eggs or any other food that is not safe for humans to eat. Yes, chickens can eat baked beans.

  • What can I Feed my chickens in my backyard?

  • Provide them with safe access to your yard, and Mother Earth News says your flock will quickly seek out grass as well as common weeds such as purslane, dandelion, chickweed and lamb鈥檚-quarter (sometimes called fat hen). Bear in mind that chickens also target fruit 鈥?including strawberries, blueberries and grapes 鈥?and any other plants they enjoy.

  • What do chickens eat?

  • Whether the source is freshly-picked vegetables from your garden, extra food from your fridge or produce trimmings from your local grocer, chickens enjoy a variety of food.

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