when do you apply weed and feed in florida

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March 1

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  • What is the best time to weed and feed in Florida?

  • The Best Time to Weed Feed the Lawn in Florida. According to the University of Florida’s IFAS Extension Service, around February 15 is the correct application date for pre-emergent herbicides. More specifically, it is around the time that daytime temperatures remain at 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit for four or five days a week.

  • When should I apply weed and feed to my lawn?

  • In general, you will want to apply weed and feed in late spring or early summer (though early spring can work as well). This will give your lawn a boost of nutrients that will help it stay healthy all season long. Weed and feed should be applied no more than twice a year.

  • Can I apply weed&feed on my own?

  • If you are confident in your lawn care abilities, you can apply weed and feed on your own without a professional to save some money. Weed Feed is a great way to promote healthy grass, so that your lawn looks its best!

  • When should I fertilize my lawn in Florida?

  • The University of Florida recommends considering the application of weed and feed beginning on February 15 for Central and South Florida and March 1 for North Florida. That said, some recommend waiting until the warm-season grass begins to green up on its own or wait until April to fertilize.

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