when do you apply weed and feed in missouri

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So weed and feeds, like regular lawn fertilizers, are applied the last week ofMarch or early April. A weed and feed product is a lawn fertilizer combined with a weed killer. A lawn fertilizer just contains fertilizer, without any weed killer.

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  • When is the best time of year to apply weed and feed?

  • The ideal time to apply weed and feed is in the early spring, just about the same time that you notice your lawn needs the first trim of the season. Besides choosing the best time of the year to apply weed and feed to your lawn, you need to keep an eye on the weekly weather forecast as well.

  • When to water lawn after weed killer and feed?

  • The lawn should not be watered quickly following the use of weed-killer and feed. In addition, fertilizer needs to be applied when the wind is few or nonexistent; otherwise, the fertilizer can blow all over the plants.

  • How do you apply weed and feed to a lawn?

  • Applying the Product Set your spreader. Weed and feed is best applied with either a rotary or a drop-type spreader. Apply the product to your lawn. Once you have the product loaded and your spreader set, you can begin applying the product on your lawn. Overlap your passes to improve your coverage.

  • When is the best time to apply pre emergent weed killer?

  • With pre-emergent weed killers, it is critical that the material be applied prior to weed seed germination. Now (early spring) is the time to apply the weed and feed if you are trying to control many summer weeds.

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