when do you apply weed and feed in missouri

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End of September

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  • When should I mow my lawn before applying weed and feed?

  • If you can, mow your lawn to a medium height 2-4 days before you plan to apply weed and feed. This helps ensure that the product is evenly distributed throughout your lawn. Check the weather forecast. Rain can wash away weed and feed before it has a chance to start working on your lawn.

  • Is it too late to apply weed and feed in April?

  • Now (early spring) is the time to apply the weed and feed if you are trying to control many summer weeds. The exception would be if you were trying to control crabgrass. Crabgrass preventer should be applied in mid-April, which is too late to include a fertilizer application on cool season lawns.

  • Can I apply weed&feed on my own?

  • If you are confident in your lawn care abilities, you can apply weed and feed on your own without a professional to save some money. Weed Feed is a great way to promote healthy grass, so that your lawn looks its best!

  • How often should you apply weed and feed?

  • This will give you a clear time frame for when to start applying it. In general, you will want to apply weed and feed in late spring or early summer (though early spring can work as well). This will give your lawn a boost of nutrients that will help it stay healthy all season long. Weed and feed should be applied no more than twice a year.

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