when does cluster feeding end

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Third or fourth month

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  • What is cluster feeding and when does it start?

  • Cluster feeding can occur any time but for newborns it is usually in the evening, and when your baby is fussy. It seems common that it starts in the early evening when your baby will start to get fussy, and want to cluster feed on and off for hours.

  • What is clustered feeding and is it safe?

  • Cluster feeding is a term used to describe when a breastfed baby wants to be fed more often than usual at certain times of the day, especially at night or in the evening. Every baby is different, so it鈥檚 difficult to define precisely when your little one鈥檚 usual feeding pattern crosses the line to become cluster feeding.

  • Is it normal for a 3 month old to cluster feed?

  • Most babies start to cluster feed less by 6-8 weeks and most have outgrown it by 3-4 months. They may still cluster feed occasionally when going through a growth spurt, but it鈥檚 nothing like those early weeks. While it is tiring, cluster feeding is totally normal and temporary.

  • How do I stop cluster Feeding my Baby?

  • Make cluster feeding a part of your daily routine. No matter how you plan to run away from it, your baby will still cluster feed. That is part of his development. Thinking of strolling at the park or having a picnic? Those won鈥檛 help either. Your baby will still cluster feed. So, just learn to embrace the process.

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