when is feeding time for sharks

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  • Do sharks feed all the time?

  • My opinion, and one shared by many of our captains, is that sharks feed all the time. They are expert hunters and they are always on the move. If something triggers one of their senses, particularly their sense of smell, these monsters are going to feed.

  • How long can sharks go without food?

  • While sharks do need a great deal of food to survive, many of the species can go for weeks or months without food if they have to. However, it is instinctive for them to feed daily as much as they can.

  • How do megamouth sharks get their food?

  • They may spend many hours per day feeding in order to get enough. Many experts believe that megamouth sharks are able to attract food sources to them due to the luminescent tissue that is found inside of their mouths. This makes it easier for them to get food without their prey having any indication that they should be running the other direction.

  • How do sharks digest their food?

  • Most types of predatory sharks, such as the Great White, will tear their food into chunks to devour whole without chewing. Some sharks, like the Port Jackson, might use their flat back teeth to grind food before swallowing.

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