when is the best time to feed fish

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  • Should I Feed my fish at night or morning?

  • However, if you have nocturnal species like kuhli loaches or plecos, make sure to feed them after the aquarium lights have turned off for the day. Since the other fish are less active in the dark, this extra nighttime feeding gives them a better chance of getting enough food.

  • How can I tell when my fish is ready to feed?

  • They quickly learn when feeding time is, eagerly swimming back and forth at the surface or emerging from hiding places in anticipation of their next meal. Make sure the aquarium light has been on for at least 30 minutes before the morning feeding and leave it on for at least 30 minutes after the evening feeding.

  • How long should I Feed my fish 24 hours apart?

  • 24 hours is just a rule of thumb to give your fish time to acclimatize and enough time for your fish to get hungry. All that said, if you see your fish is active, swimming around, and appears normal, you can begin feeding them right away.

  • When should you feed sinking foods to fish?

  • Nocturnal species such as knifefish, catfish and certain plecostomus can be fed sinking foods shortly after the aquarium light is turned off at night. What Are the Signs of Overfeeding Fish?

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