when is the best time to feed fish

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In nature,most fish feed in theearly morning and at dusk. Exceptions are herbivores and omnivores that forage throughout the day,and nocturnal species. Although aquarium fish can be fed at any time of day,morning and evening feedings are best.

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  • What time of day is best for fishing?

  • Fish habits changes during day time. In the early morning and late afternoon, cooler temperatures and lower light levels allow fish to swim in shallow water for meals. Warm fronts cause surface water temperatures to increase, fishing increase near the warm surface. Fishing will be slow during and after a storm or cold front.

  • Should I Feed my fish at night or morning?

  • However, if you have nocturnal species like kuhli loaches or plecos, make sure to feed them after the aquarium lights have turned off for the day. Since the other fish are less active in the dark, this extra nighttime feeding gives them a better chance of getting enough food.

  • Is it time to start feeding your pond fish?

  • The weather is slowly starting to warm up, maybe the ice has even melted from your pond, but is it time to start feeding your pond fish? That depends on the temperature of your pond. Koi and goldfish should be fed only when the water temperature is above 9C/48F.

  • What are fish feeding times?

  • Fish have feeding times just like us, we call them bite times. But their feeding times follow a natural rythm of sun and moon. Because sun and moon will change during the years, months and days the bite times for each day will vary. For that reason a specific theory was developed to describe and predict bite times.

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